It took a while before I got the courage to make this delicious caramel sauce. Reading about the change of exploding cans held me back a little. But my love for caramel was stronger ;) so I just did it! Luckily for me, because it is really really good! It’s a thick, sweet sticky caramel sauce. And so easy to make!

I used it in a desert with bananas and pastry cream, but you could eat it with ice cream, apple pie, on a cookie of maybe even as a macaron filling.


So how do you make it? Really easy,  just do it! You only need a can of condensed milk.

Place the can in a pan and poor water in the pan until the can is completely under water. Bring to boil and let it boil for about 2 to 2.5 hours.

Check now and then to see if the can is still under water, if not, poor some extra (hot) water in the pan.

dulce de leche

The longer you’ll let it boil, the darker the sauce will be. I liked the flavor of the caramel the best after boiling 2 hours. (It was a little bit lighter than the pictures suggest.)