Cleaning up my studio, I came across this cute little cross stitch project in my studio last week. So I asked on my Instagram if anyone was interested in the pattern. And you were :) So here it is. It’s as simple as that!

You can stitch it and frame it in a hoop as I did. Which will make a lovely give for someone you think is berry sweet ;) Or stitch it on a bag, on the back pocket of you jeans. Wherever you put it, I’m sure it will be just perfect.

Thank you for being part of this super fun creative community! I love how we can inspire and encourage each other via social media. Instagram just feels like a never ending crafting party with all of you. I love it!



Have fun with this pattern! And share your pictures with #sugaridoo or tag me @sugaridoo so I can go check it out ;)

xo Irene

Looking for a quick little crochet project to brighten up your Easter breakfast table? Then this little bunny is definitely something for you! You’ll only need a few pastel colors of your favorite yarn, and you’re good to go! I used Yarn and Color Mini’s, you can make one little bunny from 10gr (25m) of this yarn, when you use a 2.5mm crochet hook.



R1: 6sc in a ring         (6)
In this pattern we will start in a ring. You can use a magic ring, or crochet 5 chain stitches and combine those to a ring in which you’ll crochet the first 6 single crochet.
R2: 6 x inc. (12)
R3: {1sc, 1 x inc.} x 6  (18)
R4: {2sc, 1 x inc.} x 6 (24)
R5: {3sc, 1 x inc.} x 6 (30)
R6: {9sc, 1 x inc.} x 3 (33)
R7: {10sc, 1 x inc.} x 3 (36)
R8: 36 sc
T9: {11sc, 1 x inc.} x 3 (39)
R10-14: 39sc
Fste off and work awaty the end in the inside of the body.


R1: 6sc in a ring         (6)
R2: {1sc, 1 x inc.} x 3 (9)
R3: {2sc, 1 x inc.} x 3  (12)
R4-6: 12sc
T7: 10sc, 1 x dec. (11)
R8: 9sc, 1 x dec. (10)
R9: 8sc, 1 x dec. (9)
R10-11: 9sc
Faste off. Fold and sew the first part of the ear together, sew the ear to the top of the body. Make two ears like this.


Make a small pompom. You could use a fork to do so. Attach it to the back side of the body.

Finishing touches

Cut a tiny pink nose out of felt en glue this to the body. Embroider a face to the body with black yarn.

And there you have your little bunny! Will you make him a friend in a different color as well?

Hoppy Easter!


Would you like to give foundation paper piecing a try? But you have no idea where to start? Then I have something for you! This blog post contains a free paper piecing pattern and a video tutorial where I will make this block with you. This is you chance to join the paper piecing fun. Whoop whoop!


Sugaridoo Sampler

This strawberry pattern is one of 38 paper piecing blocks from the Sugaridoo Sampler. I’m sharing it with you, so we can both work on the same pattern. That will make it easier for you to follow along with the tutorial.


Get the free pattern

Go download your own copy of the pattern:


[convertkit form=5013498]

Yayy! Great, so you have a pattern. Go ahead and print it. Make sure your printer is set to 100% or true scale. This pattern will make you a 10 x 12.5 cm block.


What do you need for paper piecing

  • Cutting mat
  • Add-a-quarter ruler (or any other ruler is fine too)
  • Paper piecing paper
  • Pencil and ruler
  • Fabrics (Small scraps work perfect for paper piecing)
  • Paper scissors
  • Fabric scissors


Let’s get started

So, are you ready? Go ahead and click on the YouTube video below to start your paper piecing adventure!

Did you like making this pattern? It’s one from my first paper piecing book, called the Sugaridoo Sampler. You can read all about it over here! It’s available as a eBook in English and a hard copy book in Dutch.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask them! Just leave a message in the comment below, or in the comments below the YouTube video.

Happy quilting!

The Sugaridoodles are taking over the Sugaridoo headquarters. They are everywhere!
Not that I can blame them, I’m getting a bit addicted to crocheting them to be honest. The are so fun to make. Quick little cute projects that make you stay up way to late and postpone de dished three days. (Yesterday: Let me make one more, I really have to add purple whale to the collection.)
Well, I guess you get the idea :) If you follow me on Instagram you might have seen some of the Sugaridoodles already.
This week I started writing out the crochet patterns. Super exiting, because shortly everyone can start their own Sugaridoodle collection. Walter the Whale was the first one to be turned in to a pattern. And I would like to share it with you guys as a preview for all the patterns to come. Just grab your download below and let me know what you think.

[convertkit form=4898105]

The pattern uses the following abbreviations:
sc.    –    single crochet
inc.  –    increase (2sc in the next sc)
dec.  –   decrease (crochet the next 2sc together)
BLO –   crochet in the back loops only

What do you think? Isn’t he a cutie? I just want to make him in all colors of the rainbow.

I also received these perfect little boxes in the mail this week. The crew already checked it out and approved ;) These boxes will be turned in to mini crochet kits. Yay!
So, I’m off to make some more Sugaridoodles. Oh and before I forget, there is a little giveaway running on the blog!

Hi there!

This is the second part of the cross stitch mini series! In the first part we discussed our materials so now we are ready to start cross stitching! If you missed the first post, please just check back via the links below. In this series the following topics will be discussed:

Part 1: Materials
Part 2: Cross stitches
Part 3: Following a pattern
Part 4: Back stitches

During this series we will work on a cute little ladybug. Just click on the image below to find the enlarged image of the pattern. I hope you follow along and enjoy your first steps in cross stitching.


Cross stitches
Lets thread our needles and get started! We will start by stitching the row of stitches marked in the picture below. These will be stitched in DMC cranberry pink (601). Each square in the pattern will be one cross stitch on your fabric. The little arrows in the green spots mark the center of the pattern.


This ladybug pattern is a small design, so we will count from the center of the pattern to the stitch at the bottom right. That will be 19 squares to the right and 10 down from the center of the pattern (1). You don’t have to be very precise, just about 19 and 10 stitches will do. Bring your needle from the back to the front and leave a tail at the back of the fabric (2).


Now it is time for the first stitches! I learned to cross stitch in columns up and down. This is not the only way to cross stitch, it’s just one of the options. You can also stitch from left to right, right to left or down and up ;). The following schematic drawing shows how to make four cross stitches going up and down.


Now we’ll move to our ladybug. The place where your thread comes out of the fabric at the front is the bottom left of the first cross (3). We will first make eight half crosses in one row up (3-8).



And in the same way we will make eight stitches down (9-14). When you’ve done a few stitches you will see that it’s not that hard at all!



And there they are, you have made eight nice cross stitches!

Fasten off
Now we finished our first row we can fasten of the tail at the back. At the back of the fabric you will see horizontal stitches (15). To fasten of the tail just pull it underneath the stitches (16) and cut off the end (17).


There it is, your first row of cross stitches! In our next post we will finish all of the cross stitches of the ladybug.

Hope to see you there,

Hi there!

So nice that you are stopping by at this introduction to cross stitching. This week I like to share some basics about cross stitching, so we will have a small series on learning to cross stitch!

Already a cross stitch pro? Than this would be nothing new to you I think, just hop over to take your free pattern! ;)

The following topics will be discussed on the blog this week:

Part 1: Materials
Part 2: Cross stitches
Part 3: Following a pattern
Part 4: Back stitches

During this series we will work on a cute little ladybug. Just click on the image below to find the enlarged image of the pattern. I hope you follow along and enjoy your first steps in cross stitching.


So what will we need to start cross stitching?

  • To cross stitch this little lady bug we will need a piece of embroidery fabric. On aida 5.5 blocks/cm (14 count) the design will be about 7.2 x 7.2 cm (2.9x 2.9″). Make sure to take a larger piece of fabric, that will leave all options open to frame your work or use it in any crafty project.
  • Secondly we will need some yarn. For this project DMC was used in the colors black (310), cranberry pink (601) and dark mauve (3685). We will need about 1 m of black, 1 m of dark mauve and 2 m of cranberry pink.
  • And of course we will need a needle (with a blunt point)
  • and a little scissors.


Pulling a thread
Embroidery floss consists of six treads. Usually we will use two threads for cross stitches and one thread for back stitches. To pull one thread out of the floss, hold the strand between your thumb and finger (1). Take one thread and pull it all the way out (2-6). Just take one thread at the time, when you take two, the strand will tangle up.


Finding the center
Before we start we will find the center of the fabric by folding it. This way you your design will always end up in the center of the fabric. Just fold the fabric twice and you’ll have your center stitch. Most pattern will mark the center of the pattern with small arrows on the side.

When you start stitching you can start with the center stitch of the pattern, or you can count your way the the side of the pattern. I like to use this second options for small designs. With big designs I work my way out from the center.


We will start stitching the ladybug tomorrow! Yay :) Hope this was helpful so far. In the next posts we will make cross stitches, back stitches and learn to follow a pattern!

Have a lovely day,


Hi there!

Yes it is, cross stitching is so much fun! I rediscovered my love for stitching :) And I’m very happy I did! As a kid i used to cross stitch a lot, but haven’t done it much for the last 8 years or so. I still have a Pooh bear ABC lying around that need to be finished, so I’m working on that. And also, I found out a nice little program to design your own patterns, how awesome is that! (Okay this is not new of course, but to me it is haha)

I use KG-chart, a program which you can find here. You can try it for free and that purchase it if you like it. I like it, it’s simple easy to use and gives me all the tools to design things! There where some things I had troubel with, but found a solution for that. Let me give you some pro’s and con’s.



  • Simple program, not too much options to get lost.
  • Nice outputs, you can choose to print a black and white, of color pattern. And also with or without marks.
  • All the DMC colors are in the program, so you can pick the color numbers you like.
  • You can change the marks and colors after or while making the pattern. So it’s easy to change the color scheme for a design if you’d like.


  • You can’t output a PFD. However that can be solved by installing for example cutePDF, that will allow you to ‘print’ to an PDF file. Easy peasy
  • I think the ‘real view’ give a very creamy fabric background. I would prefer a white aida instead. But hey, you can’t always have everything right? ;)
  • You cannot open two files in the program to for example copy paste from one pattern to the other. This can be solve by running two instances of the program, work fine for me.
  • The program did happen to close sometime randomly, so just make sure to press the save button often ;)

This was one of the first little robots I designed with the program. A freebie for you! Please feel free to use and share it however you like. Just don’t sell it ;)

Free robot cross stitch pattern

You can find the rest for the robot family on my Etsy page over HERE.


Did you ever do cross stitching? Or design your own pattern? Would love to read about it!

Have a lovely day today!
Love, Irene


Hi there!

This morning I got the 200th order in my little Etsy shop! How amazing is that! Never thought when I started this blog a long time ago that I would ever be a pattern designer. That still sounds a bit silly, but I guess selling patterns makes you a pattern designer haha..

So I just wanted to say thank you so so much for reading along on this blog (and following Sugaridoo on other placed on the web) and of course for supporting my shop.


As a thank you to you I’m going to do my first ever giveaway, how exciting is that! I love giveaways, but I think it’s even better to host one yourself.

The winner will receive two patterns of choice from the Sugaridoo Etsy shop! 200 sales, so also 2 free patterns! :D All you have to do is leave your comment below which patterns you would like to win. When you leave a comment you are more than welcome to give Sugaridoo a like on Facebook or follow in Instagram!

I’ll draw a winner at Friday evening 20h (Dutch time that is ;) )


Thank you for you support, I working on some really nice patterns at the moment. Hope to add them to the shop soon (also have some cool free patterns in the making!)

Stay tuned!


Aaand YES we have a winner! I numbered he comments starting with the English and than the Dutch. And I got a random number from That was nr 14, so Deborah you won!! Congratulations, the two patterns are coming your way.


Thank you all so much for participating and your lovely comments, I loved each and every one of them!