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Sugaridoo Sampler

I’ve written a book! The Sugaridoo Sampler is a collection of over 35 paper piecing patterns. What ever project you’d like to start, here you will find the cutest quilting blocks for sure!

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Ok. Well. I thought it would be nice to get a bit organized and finally get an overview of everything that was laying around in my studio as Work In Progress (WIPs). Wow. I suspected that there would be quite a few, but I didn’t know that I was working on SO many project. I’ll […]

Hi there happy crafter! Yess, I sat behind my sewing machine again and did what I love most. CREATING. It feels so good to make something! Not thinking about ‘It should be perfect’, not thinking about ‘I’m not sure how this will turn out’. Just taking the time to try and to create. Most of […]

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