Looking for easy peasy cute Easter cupcakes? Here you’ll find a howto of birds nest cupcakes with chocolate eggs. These will fit perfectly on your Ester table and did I say that they are easy to make? ;)


Howto for birds nest cupcakes

What do you need? Cupcakes, chocolate butter cream, green colored butter cream and a bag of the Easter version of m&m’s in pretty pastel colors.


Fill some piping bags with the butter cream. Use a #233 tip for the chocolate buttercream.


Cover the cupcakes with a layer of green butter cream.


Now take your chocolate butter cream and pipe the birds nest. Do this by piping circles on the cupcake until the nest is big enough.


Now pace the ‘eggs’ in the nest to finish the cupcakes.


And that was it! Easy right? A quick cupcake to present to your guest for Easter.


Happy Easter!

Love Irene

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