How better to decorate a cupcake than with a cupcake? :) Today I’ll show you how to make this happy cupcake!


For one cupcake you will need:

  • 4 gr. blue fondant
  • 5 gr. white fondant
  • 1 gr. red fondant
  • a tiny piece of brown fondant
  • fondant to cover your cupcake.

Cover cupcake with fondant

Cut out a 7cm circle to fit nicely on the top of a cupcake.

Cupcake liners

1) Take 4 gr. of blue fondant and roll it out until it is large enough to cut out a rectangle of 3 x 4 cm.

2) Cut out the rectangle and adjust the sides to make the top a little wider than the bottom.


3) Use a 7cm circle cutter to round off the bottom.


4) Glue the cupcake liner to the background with a tiny bit of water and make some lines/texture on it with a modeling tool



1) roll the 5gr. of white fondant to a string of 19cm long.

2) cut it in 4 pieces of 5cm, 4cm, 3cm and 3cm long.

3) Create a pointy end to the 2cm piece by rolling it between your fingers. Bent the point upwards.

4) Glue the topping above the cupcake liner like in the picture below.



1) Take 1 gr. of red fondant and roll it into a little ball.

2) Make a small hole in the cherry.

3) Take the tiny piece of braun fondant and mold it into a stem.


4) Glue the cherry on top of the cupcake and your done!


That was fun wasn’t it? Enjoy your cupcake, with a cupcake!


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  1. Dana says:

    These are beyond adorable!!! My daughter’s 3rd birthday just passed…maybe I’ll make her some anyway. She would LOVE these!


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