In my collection cookie cutters I found these crocodile cutters. I had totally forgotten about it (there are too many cookie cutters in that box..) I think I bought this cutter at koet-it, a really nice cookie cutter shop from Holland!

The cutter itself is already cute, so the cookie doesn’t need much decoration to become a pretty cookie.

 What do you need?

  • Royal icing in green and white
  • Piping bags with tip 1.5 or 2 (I used PME 1.5)
  • Black sugar pearl for the eyes
  • Black edible marker for the mouth

Croky krokodillen koekjes howto

  1. Start by outlining the body in green, skip the feet and the eyes.
  2. Flood the body and let it dry for a while.
  3. Pipe the feet against the body.
  4. Use the white icing to pipe the eyes and place a black sugar pearl in the middle.
  5. Let the crocodile dry completely and draw a smile on the cookie.

Do you want to make a crocodile with a open mouth? Just cut the cookie before you bake it and bend it open. In the same way you can make a bended tail. 

croky krokodillen koekjes

Have fun decorating you cookies!

Love Irene

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  1. Amy says:

    Oh these are too cute! I’m just getting started with sugar cookies/royal icing and need to work on my collection of quirky cutters :)


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