Ok. Well. I thought it would be nice to get a bit organized and finally get an overview of everything that was laying around in my studio as Work In Progress (WIPs). Wow. I suspected that there would be quite a few, but I didn’t know that I was working on SO many project.

I’ll talk you through everything that is going in on in the Sugaridoo Studio:

And for my own record.. Here’s the list:

My WIP’s


  • Orange triangle quilt
  • Penguin quilt for baby Jules
  • Round robin for our quilt bee
  • Bunny mini Quilt
  • Finish binding on music quilt
  • And, believe it or not, the Sugaridoo Sampler
  • Tree Tree House
  • Music Potholders
  • Improv quilt

Crochet projects

  • Huge Polly the chicken
  • Bunny Bo
  • Crochet blanket
  • Charlie the Cat

New Patterns

  • Release Polly the Chicken pattern
  • Release Owly mini quilt pattern


  • Crochet party 22nd of Sept
  • Brei en Haakdagen in Zwolle
  • Kreadoe
  • Crochet party 24th of Nov


The book is finished! So exciting. We are thrilled with how it turned out. A real adventure to make a book in only a couple of months, we are pretty proud. This is the cover of the book:

The book is filled with pixel patterns that can be cross stitched or quilted or crocheted or .. So many options with a pixel pattern. In this vlog you’ll get an impression of the craft fair ‘Handwerkdagen’ in Rijswijk. A nice small fair where we set up a exposition with all the projects of the book!

Did you miss the fair and the pre-orders? Than you should take a look over here to get your version of the Once Upon a Pixel book. Or click here to get the ebook.

These are a few of the projects from the book.

The unicorn was a big hit already on instagram. And also during the exposition we got a lot of lovely comments on the unicorn quilt.

Monkey business. Mike joined the exposition and had a great time getting so much attention from everyone.

These two.. So cute! These would be lovely in a nursery or childrens room.

Thanks for watching!




The last mile. Well it really is the longest! This week I started half asleep on Sunday with editing of the vlog, I received the printed test version of the book, we took some extra pictures to finish the book, I made a cute garland for a baby shower and picked out baby fabrics with the two grandma’s for our baby boy.

You can order the once upon a pixel book over here:


This is the cute little cover all that my mom is going to make:

Photo: Fussellines Blog http://fussellines-blog.blogspot.nl/2015/01/rosaroter-babykram.html
Pattern: Minikrea https://minikrea.dk/en/product/10550-heldragt/

This was again a pretty busy week. I finished a lot of projcets, did a photo shoot for the book and visited my parent for a quilting weekend with my mom. So nice :)

The pre-orders for the Once Upon a Pixel book are now open! Want to secure yourself a copy from the first edition? Click here :)


This week I experimented with a Ikea duvet as quilt batting, had a let’s craft together morning in the studio and made a lot of progress on all the projects for the upcoming book.

Thank you for watching!


Week vlog number 3, whoop whoop! (Three vlogs already, that makes me officially a real vlogger right? haha..) This week I had special guests over in the Sugaridoo studio, there was a #letscrafttogether morning, I finished the froggy pillow and started a new quilt design.

Thanks for watching!


Week two!

Yay! The second vlog. I think I’m starting to like this talking to myself in front of a camera thing. This week I did a lot of editing, shot a video tutorial on amigurumi’s, played with fabrics and had an awesome creative business meat up in Rotterdam.

Thanks for watchin!


Yayy! The very first week vlog is online!

I’ll give you a tour in the studio, show you the fabrics I bought on vacation and take you along during my workweek at Sugaridoo. This week there also was a very fun Let’s Craft Together morning and a workshop paper piecing in the studio.

I would love to hear what you think! Would you let me know in the comments?