As a newbie entrepreneur it is sometimes be a bit scary not knowing what the business will look like in a year, or even in a few months. Building up Sugaridoo is something I’ve never done before. Diving in full time, just giving it my very best shot is a super exciting rollercoaster. What makes it even more exciting is the people I get to meet along the way. One of those people is Brigitte Heitland, fabric and quilt designer for Moda with her brand Zen Chic.

Brigitte Heitland and Irene Staal2

Meeting Brigitte Heitland :)

Last week Brigitte gave a show and tell about her new fabric lines and quilt patterns at Rhinetex. Seeing all those pretty new fabrics and hearing about how she came up with these designs was super interesting. After the show and tell I got to chat with Brigitte for a bit. What a fun and inspirational woman she is!

Brigitte shared the story about her fabric designing journey with me. It all started when she discovered a Kaffe Fasset quilt book. That book made her want to learn to make her own quilts and so she got hooked to patchwork. Because of the many quilt fabrics she needed for her quilts, she starting buying fabrics by the bold and selling what she had left on the internet. Who wouldn’t want to have their own private quilt shop.

Brigitte Heitland

Quilt made with the Hey Dot fabric line. Such fun colors and happy prints, love it!

With a background of interior and fabric design and all her quilting experience Brigitte designed her first fabric line in 2010. What she did after she created her own fabric line really wowed me. She ‘just’ got herself a booth at the quilt market in Salt Lake City in 2011. How is that for diving in? Her booth made such a great impression that she got multiple offers of quilt fabric manufacturers to work with her. That is when she picked Moda to design for.

Modern Backgrounds Zen Chic // Quilt with the new luster fabric line Modern Background Zen Chic // such pretty luster fabrics

This chique quilt is made with the Modern Backgrounds Luster fabric line. The gold print on the fabrics gives them such a luxurious look.

What a great story. The courage and drive to take such steps really inspires me. So brave to put yourself out there with you own designs, waiting to see what the fabric manufacturers will think of it. Thank you Brigitte for sharing that with me! All the best with your new fabric lines. I’ll see you at quilt market somewhere in the upcoming years! ;)


Ever since I finished the quilt ‘Things we love’ for my mom (this one) I have been thinking about making a new sampler quilt. The thinking turned into sketching. And at the moment I’m sewing the very first blocks. How exciting!



My idea is to make it into a customizable sampler. So that (if it all works out and the pattern will make it to my shop) you can design your very own version of the Sugaridoo Sampler! Sounds cool right? :)

I’ve designed a layout for the quilt with about 10 different block sizes. Ha, that was quite a puzzle! Each block design will be scaled to fit several block sizes. The sailing boat for example could go in a F-block, G-block of H-block. The cactus would go in  a D-block.


For this sampler I’m using Blueberry Park fabrics by Karen Lewis together with Kona Cottons. These two fabric lines match perfectly since Blueberry Park is printed on Kona Cottons. They are oh so very pretty!


These are just a few of the fabric  selected for the sampler, I’m waiting patiently for the rest to arrive. These bolts will be turned in to fabric bundles to make your very own Sugaridoo Sampler.

I expect everything to be ready and available from oktober this year.  If you like to follow along in the process behind the scenes, just hop over to the Sugaridoo Instagram account.


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A few months ago I joint the fun of a Instagram quilt swap for the second time. The theme of this swap was rainbow mini quilts. And rainbows just so happen to be my favorite. My slowly growing fabric stash mostly exists of happy rainbow colors, so I knew this was a swap for me. Kate Basti hosted the swap, everything was so perfectly organized! (If you happen to read this Kate, again thank you so much!)

I would love to show you the progress of the quilt I made for Becky and the super awesome quilt I received from Tina. All in Instagram photos of course, since it was a Insta swap.

Lets start with my  choice of fabric, this is actually the second pull. I had a hard time making my final decision before I started cutting. But it turned out to be a nice pull don’t you think?

Rainbow of fabrics

And then the design of the mini quilt. I had these paper pieced pencils in my mind for a while now. Since Becky is a teacher I thought it would be perfect to draw out a pattern for the pencils for this mini quilt.

Pencil pattern

Then cutting started, that went very organized. I ended up with 16 colorful packages of fabric with their patterns, ready to sew.

Cutting frabic

And sewing I did :) It worked like a breeze cause everything was already cut. So I just had to sit behind the machine and piece everything together.First pencils

Started sewing

After having pieced everything together and sandwiched the quilt it was time to do some quilting. I went for straight line quilting on this one, with help of the Minions in the background.


A little close up of the quilting.

Quilted detail

After piecing a scrappy grey binding and sewing it on by hand it was finished! I’m still super excited with how it turned out to be. Planning to make another one just for myself because it was quite hard to part with it ;)

Finished Pencil quilt

After I send my package, I received a big envelope. Yay!! There was my own mini rainbow quilt.

Received Quilt

And this was what was inside, a gorgeous quilt with so much extras! A lovely card from Tina, with super cute fabrics, a ruler and mini ribbon. I love the mini chalkboards. The quilting was so beautifully done and the piecing was just perfect. Really love the fabrics she used with the happy rainbow colors. It is so special when someone designs and  makes something specially for you. Thank you so so much Tina!


I had a blast with this swap. It was super fun to follow everybody and to see what is being made. I haven’t signed up for a next swap yet, but I’m sure this wasn’t my last.


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Together with a lovely group of crafty bloggers we did a mystery challenge. Everybody got a theme from somebody to create something with. I love being part of this bloggers group, so many creative people with amazing blogs!

I got my theme from Jonie who runs the lovely blog Knot Sew Normal. She gave me the theme Musical instruments. A lovely theme with so many options! I couldn’t choose one instrument so I went for music notes instead. And thinking about music notes a mini quilt popped up in my head. The last few weeks I have been cross stitching quite a lot which gave the idea for a pixel quilt.

In Electric Quilt 7 I made a quick design of the quilt. What a lovely program that is! This is what the design looked like.

_music pixel quilt

Then I dived in to my fabric box and found some lovely fabrics. Picking fabrics is something I could do all day. Doesn’t it make you happy just looking at those bright colors? :)


So then a lot of cutting and piecing was happening. The mini quilt consists of a total of 676(!!) squares of 2 x 2 cm. Good thing I didn’t thought about is too much before I started! ;) I’m very happy with how it turned out.


So many little squares! It was the first project where I pressed open all the seams. I really think that helped in piecing all the squares accurate. (Well not all squares where lined up perfectly, but I only show the pretty details of course..)


The quilt top is finished, now I have to decide on how to quilt it and what color binding it should get. Any suggestions?


Hope to finish the quilt soon. Then I’ll post a tutorial on how you can make your own fun pixel quilt!

Make sure to visit the other crafty bloggers and their mystery challenge creations! I gave Jessica from The Berry Bunch the theme “Cover up” and she created an awesome dinosaur hooded towel. Would love to have one myself ;)

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MomsQuilt4_cropFinally I can share it with the world! So so happy that I can post the pictures of the quilt I made for my mom: “Things we love”. Let me tell you about it!


January this year I got the idea to design a quilt for my mom. She has been quilting for a very long time and makes lots of quilts for others. But she never made a big quilt just for herself. So I decided to make her one. Long long time ago I did piece some blocks, but I was never really fond of quilting. About two years ago my interest in pretty fabrics started growing. I only made a baby quilt before this one, so this was my very first big project. How exciting!

I designed a quilt with all the things we love. This is the design I came up with. My parents house is in is, bikes for our biking trip, sailing boats and a lighthouse since we love going to the Dutch Waddeneilanden, of course sewing machines since she taught me how to sew and much more :)


A close up of some of the blocks. The pencil block and the tulips are my favorites I think!



Since I was so excited making this for her it was difficult to keep it a secret. But we managed (the whole family knew) and my mom was so surprised when she received it! There we are with the quilt :)


It was my first time free motion quilting on a real quilt. (I did practice on little pieces) It was so much fun to do! My old Lewenstein machine did a pretty good job.



Love this picture of my mom and me, such a happy pic, love her a lot! I think handing her the quilt was the best part of the whole process :)


This was just after she unpacked the present and saw the quilt for the first time, a loving quilt hug :)


Even the boyfriend loved giving it to my mom after all my hard work. He was very supportive along the way ;) “Yes that bird is also pretty in pink, yes it also looks good in green..”



And now it’s hanging in my parents home, just love how it turned out!


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Last week I visited the ‘Stoffenspektakel’ in Rijswijk (Holland). A big fair with a lot of all kinds of fabrics. We where mostly looking for fabrics because I recently fell in love with quilting!

The idea to make a quilt came about mainly because I have received a ‘new’ sewing machine. I did have a very cheap sewing machine somewhere, but it’s just not working properly. Now I got a beauty of a machine from my parents neighbor and I love it!


It’s a very old (and heavy) machine, but it works perfectly! It is a Lewenstein Astra-matic super. And look what a beautifull red cover it came with! So that’s the reason behind my fabric hunt, and I think I did a good job ;)


For a sweet pink baby quilt.


For a blue quilt, would be lovely as a present for a baby boy.


And some happy colors to sew stuffed animals!


Just looking at the fabrics makes me very happy :) doesn’t it make you happy? So that’s the start of my fabric collection.

Have a lovely weekend!

Love Irene