Hello friends!

Yayy another WIP Wednesday! Looking forward to share where I’m at with all the projects lying around. It can be chaotic to keep track of all things I’m working on at the same time (why is it so much fun to start something new instead of finishing everything first?) so I love to share my work in progress with you.

Okay, here we go:



Sugaridoodles: Let’s start with the only crochet relating thing I worked on: the Sugaridoodles. I finished Walter the Whale together with his pattern and the mini crochet kit. Super exciting to have one of them completely finished. Other Sugaridoodles that are crocheted are the bunny, penguin, panda, kitten, duck and the chicken. They ‘only’ have to be turned into a pattern and a mini crochet kit. Next up for a pattern are the penguin and bunny. Hope to finish those beginning of next week.


On all of the other crochet projects Droopy, Josh the safety officer, Bunny Bo and Danny the Dragonfly, I made no progress at all.


Cross Product: Already 24 cross product blocks are assembled. I’m not sure how big the quilt is going to be. The blocks are 8×8″ (20x20cm) so for a 1.20 x 1.60 quilt I would need to add 24 more blocks. We’ll see how it will turn out. I really like the pink/grey/black combo.


Sugaridoo Sampler: New blocks for the Sugaridoo sampler are finished! Super happy to make progress on this one. Since all blocks are unfinished, they look a bit wonky. That will be resolved after putting a sashing around them ;)

I counted all the blocks that I’m planning to make, to get an overview of my progress. Turns out I finished only 8/57 blocks so far, oops. I have made more blocks to test designs, but they where not made with the correct fabrics that I chose in the end. So I have a looong way to go before this one is finished. Maybe I’ll just plan a quilting weekend to make some big steps.



Cross stitch

To The Zoo:  I also managed to squeeze in some cross stitching. I finished the design of To the Zoo so I could finally start stitching. So happy with that! Almost forgot how relaxing cross stitching is.


What are you working on? Leave a comment or link below, I would love to see what you’re making.


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Hello friends!

Great that you’re stopping by. How is your week so far?  We’re having many sunny days, looks like summer really kicked in. Yay! I’d love to share my work in progress with you.


He does look a bit sad doesn’t he? Only one eye, no mouth and no feet to do a happy dance. I found him at the back of a shelf. This little purple fellow reminded me that I have many different projects laying around. I guess most of us crafty people do, but after dusting him off a bit I realized that it would be nice to really finish the projects that I start.

So let’s start with that from now on. I would love to have some sort of overview of all the projects I’m working on. So why not share it with you? (That will probably also give me motivation to keep working on them, I can’t show you the same pics every week can I?) Here we go:


Purple and orange Droopy: Well Droopy is only the working name for now, but he is kinda droopy eyed. I’ve started a second one in orange since I didn’t write down the pattern for the purple version.

Josh the safety officer: This is Josh (and bunny Toet). I started making him in the last weeks of my office job. They had a safety campaigne going on with Josh as a cartoon version of a safety officer. He still needs some hair and a hard hat and some arms to make his life a bit safer ;)


Bunny Bo: I’m crocheting a multi colored Bunny Bo in shades of pink and turquoise. Almost all parts are finished so can shortly move on to putting her together.

Danny the Dragonfly: This one I started on our honeymoon in april. He only needs eyes, some feet and feelers. I havent decided how I want the feet to be, that’s why I’m stalling to finish him.


Sugaridoodles: These mini cuties started to show up on my Instagram. They are so fun to make! I’m planning to make a few more before I release them as a pattern. Stay tuned!



Cross Product: This is one of the two quilts I’m working on right now. It will be made out of blocks with crosses and small squares in between. I’ve done a lot of cutting already, so I’m almost ready to start putting the blocks together.

IMG_20160716_180952 IMG_20160717_212323
Sugaridoo Sampler: Ooh I’m so super excited about this quilt! I talked about it over here. I’ve made 5/57 blocks so far. Below you see my cutting process. I like to work in batches with this quilt. One day I will cut loads and loads of fabric to go with the printed pattern pieces. I stack the fabric pieces in order on top of the pattern pieces so on a next day I can sew all the blocks.


Cross stitch

To The Zoo:  For cross stitching I’m only working on one project. That is a new pattern ‘To The Zoo’. I’m still finalizing the design, as soon as that is done I will start stitching it, can’t wait!


And that’s all. Well maybe not all, probably next time there will be some extra projects I forgot to mention now :)

Thank you for visiting, have a great day.



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Last weekend I was looking for a quick gift to make for a one year old boy. I wanted to give something personal, but didn’t had time to make it from scratch. So applique it would be :) I found a lovely zip hoodie at the HEMA. Perfect to add some applique letters. All you need for this is a fun fabric and some vliesofix. I believe it’s called bondaweb in English?

Print out a letter of choice. I used two sizes, one smaller one for the front and a larger one for the back. Then you can trace it on to the vlisofix/bondaweb. Just make sure to trace the mirrored version of the letter!


After tracing you can cut roughly around the letters and press them on to the wrong side of the fabric. Try not to put your iron on the sticky side of the vlisofix, that will get messy ;) _Applique3

Now you can cut the letters over the lines you drew on the vliesofix. Then take of the paper layer of the vliesofix and place the letter wherever you would like to secure it. Give it a good press and you’re ready for stitching. I used a blanket stitch around the letters.
_AppliqueEasy peasy, a fast sewing project and a lovely gift :)


Hallo daar! Vandaag was ik met een vriendin naar de Kreadoe, en Mike the Monkey was ook mee. Hij vond het fantastisch! Mike brengt een fotoverslag van vandaag :)

Wauw! Wat is Kreadoe gigantisch! Zo veel verschillende hobby’s, en zo ontzettend veel kramen ook. Echt genieten. Het is niet alleen een handwerkbeurs, je vindt er echt álle creatieve uitspattingen die je maar kunt bedenken. Deze kraam van Creatotaal had zulke mooie kleurtjes kralen, blauw staat me wel volgens mij!


Bij Kraaltotaal kwamen we deze Hollandse kralen tegen, maar welke moeten we nou kiezen? Kunnen we ze niet gewoon allemaal meenemen?


Bij MooiVilt mocht ik even tussen alle gekleurde (fairtrade) balletjes duiken. Een ballenbad vol met wolvilt balletjes, wie wil dat nou niet?


Zo’n beurs is best vermoeiend, halverwege dus maar even een tukje doen op de mooise stofjes van Modystoffen. Zzzzzz…


Whoaaa kijk nou!! Een mega grote rooide kater! Die staat hier voor de lepra stichting. Je kunt hem zelf haken met dit patroon, en dan steun je gelijk de stichting


Op de Kreadoe kom je ook heel veel andere amigurumis tegen. Zelf bekende exemplaren! Dit is Dendennis in zijn clownskostuum.


Op het haakplein kom je niet alleen bekende amigurumis tegen, maar ook ontwerpers, haaksters en bloggers! Dit is Lisanne van Draad&Praat. Samen met de kikker prins op de foto. Zo leuk om kikker en Lisanne te ontmoeten!


Vlak voor we naar huis gingen kwamen we deze mooie borduurstofjes tegen van Online borduurplezier. Daar moest er zeker eentje van mee naar huis.

Wat een super dag was het vandaag! Op naar de volgende crea beurs :D

Xx Mike

You know what? I have never made a bag! That was about to change when I received my fabric from the stitch swap we hosted with our crafty bloggers Facebook group. I really love the fabric I received! Thank you so much for sending it to me from the other side of the world! What else could I make of it than a nice bag? :) Since it’s my first bag I wanted to keep it simple, so I made a tote bag, no zippers, no buttons, easy peasy. (Oh nd I made a cute little tiny version.)

Bag tutorial fabric

So this is the fabric I received. I added some gray fabric for the lining and bottom of the bag. Besides fabric, you would only need some batting or interfacing. I used vlieseline/vilene to stiffen the grey fabric and a cotton batting to give the bag a bit more body.

Lets start cutting some fabric!
(All measures are with 0.75cm (1/4”) seam allowance)

  • twice: 25 x 30 cm (10” x  12”) Travel fabric
  • twice: 12 x 60 cm (5” x 24”) Travel fabric
  • Small piece for a pocket in Travel fabric
  • 15 x 30 cm (6” x 12”) Grey fabric
  • 62 x 30 cm (25″ x 12”) Grey fabric
  • 65 x 32 cm (25.5″ x 12.5”) vliseline/viline
  • 65 x 32 cm (25.5″ x 12.5”) batting

Now we start sewing..
Sew the small grey piece in between the two travel fabric pieces of 25 x 30 cm. This will give you a piece of 62 x 30 cm in total. Now add the batting to the back of this and quilt it through. I used only straight lines, horizontal over the travel fabric and vertical over the gray fabric. But you could just stitch this however you like.

Bag tutorial quilted

When you want to add a pocket to the inside of the bag, this is your moment. Just take a small piece of fabric (I think I use something like 15 x 20 cm.) Fold and press the edges and sew over the top fold.

Bag tutorial pocket

First add the vlieseline/viline to the grey fabric. The short side of the grey fabric will be the top of the bag.

Than you can pin the pocket on the grey fabric and sew around the sides and the bottom of the pocket. I created two extra compartments for pencils by sewing over the pocket.

Bag tutorial pocket

After you sewed in a pocket you fold the grey fabric in half, right sides in and sew along the sides. Do the same for the outer piece of the bag.

Bag tutorial inside out

Now we will square the bottom of the inner and outer bag. Take a corner and fold it flat. Mark the corner on about 4 cm (1.5″) from the tip of the triangle and stitch over this line. Repeat this for all of the corners of the inner and outer bag.

Bag tutorial corners

This will give you the nice pointy corners at the bottom of the bag.

Bag tutorial

For the handles we will use the 60 cm strips of the travel fabric. Fold and press this piece in half. Fold open and then fold and press the edges to the center line. Fold it in half and you will have a 3 cm wide handle. (Does this make sense? Just fold it like you would when making bias tape!) Do this for both handles.

Sew along the sides of the folded strips.

Bag turorial handle

Turn the outer bag right side out and sew the handles to the top with a small seam allowance.

Bag tutorial handle

Now place the outer bag (right side out) in the inner bag (right side in). Match up the seams and pin it in place.  Stitch around the edge with a normal seam allowance.

Bag tutorial assembly

This is what we have now. Rip the seam of the inner bag at one of the sides to be able to turn everything right side out.

Bag tutorial assembly

Now close the hole we just made and place the inner bag inside the outer bag. You can stitch around the top to keep everything in place.

Bag tutorial assemby

And there it is, my first bag! So proud of it! What do you think? The size is just perfect to take a good book or crochet cotton and needle to the beach ;) I also made a mini version, cute isn’t it?

Bag tutorial

Have a wonderful day,

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Hi there!

Yes it is, cross stitching is so much fun! I rediscovered my love for stitching :) And I’m very happy I did! As a kid i used to cross stitch a lot, but haven’t done it much for the last 8 years or so. I still have a Pooh bear ABC lying around that need to be finished, so I’m working on that. And also, I found out a nice little program to design your own patterns, how awesome is that! (Okay this is not new of course, but to me it is haha)

I use KG-chart, a program which you can find here. You can try it for free and that purchase it if you like it. I like it, it’s simple easy to use and gives me all the tools to design things! There where some things I had troubel with, but found a solution for that. Let me give you some pro’s and con’s.



  • Simple program, not too much options to get lost.
  • Nice outputs, you can choose to print a black and white, of color pattern. And also with or without marks.
  • All the DMC colors are in the program, so you can pick the color numbers you like.
  • You can change the marks and colors after or while making the pattern. So it’s easy to change the color scheme for a design if you’d like.


  • You can’t output a PFD. However that can be solved by installing for example cutePDF, that will allow you to ‘print’ to an PDF file. Easy peasy
  • I think the ‘real view’ give a very creamy fabric background. I would prefer a white aida instead. But hey, you can’t always have everything right? ;)
  • You cannot open two files in the program to for example copy paste from one pattern to the other. This can be solve by running two instances of the program, work fine for me.
  • The program did happen to close sometime randomly, so just make sure to press the save button often ;)

This was one of the first little robots I designed with the program. A freebie for you! Please feel free to use and share it however you like. Just don’t sell it ;)

Free robot cross stitch pattern

You can find the rest for the robot family on my Etsy page over HERE.


Did you ever do cross stitching? Or design your own pattern? Would love to read about it!

Have a lovely day today!
Love, Irene


Hi there!

This morning I got the 200th order in my little Etsy shop! How amazing is that! Never thought when I started this blog a long time ago that I would ever be a pattern designer. That still sounds a bit silly, but I guess selling patterns makes you a pattern designer haha..

So I just wanted to say thank you so so much for reading along on this blog (and following Sugaridoo on other placed on the web) and of course for supporting my shop.


As a thank you to you I’m going to do my first ever giveaway, how exciting is that! I love giveaways, but I think it’s even better to host one yourself.

The winner will receive two patterns of choice from the Sugaridoo Etsy shop! 200 sales, so also 2 free patterns! :D All you have to do is leave your comment below which patterns you would like to win. When you leave a comment you are more than welcome to give Sugaridoo a like on Facebook or follow in Instagram!

I’ll draw a winner at Friday evening 20h (Dutch time that is ;) )


Thank you for you support, I working on some really nice patterns at the moment. Hope to add them to the shop soon (also have some cool free patterns in the making!)

Stay tuned!


Aaand YES we have a winner! I numbered he comments starting with the English and than the Dutch. And I got a random number from Random.org. That was nr 14, so Deborah you won!! Congratulations, the two patterns are coming your way.


Thank you all so much for participating and your lovely comments, I loved each and every one of them!


From our facebook group of crafty bloggers we organized a mystery challenge. Everybody comes up with a theme for an other blogger to work with. For me, Tasha from Stitched Together gave me the theme: Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory. What a great theme! :D I just love it!

So many ideas came to my mind. I wanted to do a sewing projcet, and this is how it turned out. A chocolate half apron! You can wear the apron on both sides, so you can use 2 lovely fabrics on it! Would you like to make your own? Keep on reading!


You will need

  • Fabric 1: two fat quarters
  • Fabric 2: two fat quarters
  • Fabric 3: one fat quarter

A fat quarter is a piece of fabric of about 50 x 55 cm (18″ x 22″)

Let’s get started!

We will begin by cutting all the fabric. All measures include a 0.75 cm (1/4″) seam allowance.

  • Round off the corners of a fat quarter of fabric 1 and fabric 2, this will create the shape of the apron. We will take 55 cm (22″) as the width of the apron. You can keep the length 50 cm (18″) or make it 45 cm for a shorter apron. Make shure both farbics have the same shape ;) I use a piece of paper as a template.


  • Cut fabric 3 in four strips of 11.5 x 50 cm (4.5″ x 18″) and two strips of 5 x 15 cm (2″ x 6″)
  • Cut a fq of fabric 1 in four strips of 6.5 x 50 cm (2.5″ x 18″), a piece of 15 x 18.5 cm (6″ x 7 1/4″) and a piece of 15 x 15 cm (6″ x 6″)
  • Cut a fq of fabric 2 in four strips of 6.5 x 50 cm (2.5″ x 18″), a piece of 15 x 18.5 cm (6″ x 7 1/4″) and a piece of 15 x 15 cm (6″ x 6″)



Sew for the pockets the small strip of fabric 3 to the square of fabric 1 together. (When you have a label, you can add it here!)

Place this new rectangle on the other rectangle of fabric 1, right sides together. Cut the bottom edges round and sew the pieces together. Leave a opening at the bottom to turn in right sides out.



Repeat this for fabric 2. Turn them right sides out and press the pockets. Fold the seam in at the opening.


Pin the pocket in fabric 1 to the apron in fabric 2 and the pocket in fabric 2 to fabric 1. Sew close to the edge of the pocket to secure it to the apron. Please leave the top of the pocket open ;)



Ruffles around the apron

Join the strips of fabric 1 to form one long strip of about 2 m (75″). Do the same for the strips of fabric 2. Place the strips right sides together and sew them together at on side. Press open.


Fold (and press) the strip with the wrong sides together. Now you have a pretty strip with fabric 1 at one side and fabric 2 at the other.


Then it’s time to make some ruffles! It was my first time ruffling anything, but I think it went pretty well. I put some extra strong yarn on my machine. (After braking the bobbin threat a few times I also used extra strong threat there.) Then you just sew with the largest stitch size on you machine along the whole strip. I sewed about 1.5 cm (2/3″) from the open side.

Now you can just simply pull the top or bobbin threat and your strip will start ruffling. Just ruffle it until it fits around the rounded shape of the apron. After ruffling I sewed over the strip one more time to secure the ruffles.



Join the strips of fabric 3 together to form a long strip of about 2 m (75″). Fold it, right sides together. Now mark with some pins a opening in the middle of the width of the apron. The area in between the pins we will not sew together yet.


The ends of the waistband, outside the pins, you can sew together.

The turn it right side out. This might be a little struggle, but with the help of a pencil you will manage. Press the waistband, and also fold and press the seams of the opening in the middle. That way we can easily sew it over the apron in the end.


Let’s put the half apron together!

Put the part of the apron with fabric 2, right side up, in fornt of you. Now pin the ruffles on top of it. The ruffles will also go with fabric 2 up, with the finished side inwards and the frayed side outwards. Then place the part of the apron with fabric 1, right side down on top. Pin this neatly together. Of course you could also do this in one go if your a better pinner than me ;)



Now sew over the rounded side of the apron. You can leave the top open. And thennn turn it right side out quickly! Look how pretty your ruffles are placed between the two fabrics! :D


The only thing left to do it attach the waistband. Place the opening over the top of the apron and pin it in place.



Sew along the edge of the waistband to attach it to the apron.


And there you are! A super cute half apron that is wearable at two sides. That wasn’t so hard was it? I would love to wear this to visit the Oompa Loompas once ;)

Chocolate half arpon

I loved the mystery challenge, and I couldn’t have though of a better theme myself. Thank you Tasha!

Love Irene

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