Yay! A new pattern on the Sugaridoo website. Aaand it’s free! I made a video about a super fun and fast pencil quilt. In two weeks I’ll continue with this quilt on my channel to quilt it and show how I put a binding on a quilt.

To make the quilt, first watch the video and then look for further instructions and measurements in this post. Who will you make this quilt for?


For fabric you will need the following. (WOF = width of fabric)

  • Background fabric
    • 4 strips of 2.5″ x WOF
    • about 11″ x 24″ for the triangles for the pencil tips
    • Extra fabric if you want to make a border around the quilt.
  • Pink
    • Dark: 2 strips of 3.5″ x WOF
    • Light: 1 strip of 3.5″ x WOF + little piece for the pencil tip
  • Yellow/Orange
    • Light: 2 strips of 3.5″ x WOF
    • Dark: 1 strip of 3.5″ x WOF + little piece for the pencil tip
  • Green
    • Light: 2 strips of 3.5″ x WOF
    • Dark: 1 strip of 3.5″ x WOF + little piece for the pencil tip
  • Blue/turquoise
    • Dark: 2 strips of 3.5″ x WOF
    • Light: 1 strip of 3.5″ x WOF + little piece for the pencil tip
  • Pencil tip fabric: about 7″ x 36″ for the trapezoid shaped pieces of the pencil tips


For the pencil tips I used a foundation paper piecing pattern on freezer paper. In this tutorial you can see exactly how this method works.

You can download the pattern for the pencil tips over here. This block to be 9 x 9″ when it’s finished, or 9.5 x 9.5 including seam allowance.

Making some pencils

Sew the strips of the same color together to make the pencils. Pink – light pink – pink, Yellow – Orange – Yellow etc. When these are done you trim off the edges to make both sides of the pencil straight. Trim all pencils to the size of your smallest pencil.

Now make the pencil tips with the paper piecing pattern.

Sew the tips to the pencils.

Now take the 2.5″ background strips and sew them together in to one long strip. Cut from that very long strip 3 strips that are as long as the finished pencils. Sew these strips in between the pencils. Make sure to alternate the direction of the pencils. Some are pointing up and some down.


Now your pencil quilt is done. But if you want you can add borders to it. I added borders to the sides of 3.5″ and to the top and bottom of 4″.

This make my quilt 48 x 60″. That is a great size to donate the quilt to the Regenboogboom, a Dutch foundation that hands out quilt to children who are very ill or go through a tough time. Are you from The Netherlands? Please take a look at www.regenboogboom.nl to learn more about the organisation and maybe you can make a quilt for them as well!

There is a free pattern+give away at the bottom of this blog post AND a give away in this YouTube video: [click!]

Yayyy! It is SUCH an exciting day today. It’s my birthday! I’m turning 32. And I’m loving it. I love each day and don’t mind getting older at all. I’m learning more and more to enjoy life. To celebrate all the things, no matter how small they are. My heart is overflowing when I think of the all the things I’m thankful for from this past year. Our little mister Jules with his unstoppable urge to climb things and his adorable giggles. My awesome husband Marten who supports me 200% in everything I do and puts me on the couch with a cup of tea when he sees I’m running a bit too fast. My parents, my brothers and their families, my friends. My studio and the fact that I can do what I love so much everyday!

In the past year I’ve started to practice being grateful everyday. For things big and small. Such a super power to get yourself in a higher frequency by just focusing on what your grateful for. When it’s a kind of sad day, and it’s hard to come up with happy things, start by listing everything that is NOT wrong at that moment (you can have a cup of tea, there is a roof above your head, you’re wearing happy socks). I learned this from Lou Niestadt, check out her podcast for manifesting all the good things ;)

Good Vibes Only

So when Shayla Wolf from Sassafras Lane for Windham Fabrics contacted me asking if I would want to participate in a blog tour about their new fabric line I got a huge smile on my face when I saw the name of the line: GOOD VIBES ONLY. Ha! Love it. And when I got the fabrics in the mail, I did at least three happy dances. Such awesome colors!

Making something for my mom

My mom had her birthday last week, so I decided to make something for her. And the idea of making a pattern where you can use an already pieced block popped up in my head. I started sketching and doodling and came up with this little fishy. You can use and type of block for the belly to create unique fishes using the same pattern.

A fun video tutorial

In this weeks YouTube video I’m showing you how to make these fun mug rugs. First download the free pattern, pick some pretty fabrics, make yourself a nice cup of tea and go make a little fish (or two or three haha). In the video I’ll explain how you can use a pieced block to create a unique little fish. And I’m giving away one of the mug rugs in the video! Whoop Whoop!

The blocks are 6 x 9 1/2 inch, a perfect size to hold a hot cup of tea and your favorite flavored cupcake. It’s a quick project! And perfect to practice your quilting on. Since it’s so small it’s very easy to move around under your machine. Check out the video to see how I quilted these fishes.

Download your FREE paper piecing pattern

But first thing to do: grab your free foundation paper piecing pattern for the fish. It’s a PDF with a coloring page so you can try out different colors and designs before you start cutting into your fabrics.

This little form will let you sign up to my newsletter so you’ll get my weekly email with updates so you’ll be the first to know about everything that is going on within Suagridoo. Make sure to confirm your email address so you can download the pattern.

But wait there is more!

Of course there is more. Sassafras Lane is letting me give away a small bundle with a few fat quarters to one of you! How cool is that! Just leave a comment on this post stating who you would like to make the Little Fish Mug Rug for and I’ll pick a winner next week. Get yourself an extra change to win by commenting to today’s instagram post over here. (entries close on 13th of June 8PM CET)

Next up:

Now hop over to Sassafras Lane to see who’s up next in the blog tour. You can win a fabric bundle almost everyday this month! Monday, June 3rd: Shayla Wolf | Sassafras Lane Designs
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Want to make a personalized gift for someone special? Make then a banner with a special text or with their name on it! You can use the letters from the new Sugaridoo ABC pattern to make the letters. They come in two different sizes 2.5 x 4 inch and 4 x 6 inch.

In this banner I used the smaller letters. Never knew that an ‘O’ could look so cute :)

In this video I’ll show you exactly how you turn your paper pieced letters in to flags and those flags in to a banner (or a garland? or is it a bunting?)

Download your template to make the pointy part of the flags below:

I can’t wait to see what you will be making! Please tag me @sugaridoo, or use the #SugaridooABC hastag so I can check out your project!

Happy quilting!
xo Irene

Haii awesome tacke-that-WIP-ers! How are you doing? How did you do on your WIP? Before I dive in to my WIP and the round up for this month I want to ask you for help.

I know many creators, crocheters, quilters are super excited about tackling WIP’s. But the signing up with a projects turned out to be a bit of a hassle with the system I use now.

Inlinkz is great to get a nice overview of who participated, but it doesn’t easily work from a mobile phone (right?). Also it’s double the work, first uploading it to Insta and then uploading it on my blog.

So I was thinking, is there an easier way? The goal was to encourage each other to finish our WIPs. The giveaway is a nice extra, which should stay! Soo could we work with dedicated hashtags and keep the whole thing on Instagram? How do you feel about that?

I would suggest we keep the #tacklethatWIP to enter at the beginning of the month. And at the end of the month we can sign off with a different hashtag (so we can still do a little give away each month). Any suggestions? #ItackledthatWIP, #WIPtackled #tacklethatWIPdone #tacklethatWIPmar2019

Sooo I really wanna hear from you! Leave a comment below to let me know what you think! I love being in this together :)

Let’s do a final round up on the blog

Here is the sign up for all the WIPS tackled in February. I’m super curious to see how you did!

Inlinkz Link Party

My WIP is still a WIP

And how did I do on my WIP? Well.. You teach what you need to learn most right? I didn’t tackle my WIP this month. This picture kinda shows what my month looked like. Haha. So chaotic and busy!

How my crocheted besties feel after a craft fair.

February was about attending the craft fair Handwerkbeurs in Zwolle, working on a Round Robin and finishing a pouch for a swap from my quilt guild.

I did put my penguin friends up on my design wall. And I got my fabrics out, so I’m ready to start. But February was over before I realized that it started! Soo I’m moving it over to March.

I’m leaving those penguins up on the wall as a reminder to work and finish this quilt. Well quilt top, let’s set a reachable goal!

Thank you so much for being here and participating in this together.

xo Irene

Thank you! to all of you who participated in the last TTW! So many lovely projects. My personal assistant (aka husband) picked a random number and that made Lieke the winner of the book Crochet in the city! Congratulations! Look at that quilt.. It’s so very stunning!

Thank you Loes from Freubelweb for sponsoring the January TTW.

Let’s tackle your WIP

Well it’s a new month, a new change to finish your WIP. I saw already a few WIPs popping up on Instagram, so here you can post you entry for February.

(If you run in to any trouble uploading your link, just shoot me an email [email protected] so I can try and help you out.)

In this months giveaway you can win a Sugaridoo party in a box of your choice.

Inlinkz Link Party

You have until Sunday to sign up. Remember, February is a short one, so don’t put too much pressure on yourself. A small goal is also a goal ;)

Never too late for a baby quilt right?

Four months ago I posted a video showing all my WIPs. (This one) I just watched it again. And many of those projects are still WIPs. So I went ahead and just picked the very first on the list. A penguin quilt for baby Jules. He’d not really a baby anymore, so about time to finish it!

So my goal for this month is to finish that quilt top. I need a lot more penguins and want to make also his name in paper piecing blocks. Whoop whoop! Let’s go!


Yayy! A whole new year ahead of us! A new year to finish our WIPs and to find inspiration for new projects. For the inspiration part I recorded a video for you. It’s about all the things I get inspiration from for new ideas.

For all the WIPs we want to finish we have our ‘Tackle That WIP’ movement! Last year we started and this year we’ll continue with it. I have awesome prizes in store for you. And this month I get to give away the Crochet in the City Book by Annemarie Benthem, sponsored by Freubelweb. Whoop whoop! That book is so beautiful, aand it’s written in English and Dutch. Soo link up your WIP below and set a goal.

I’ll remind you by the end of the month to link up your results ;)

We have a winner!

Last month we had three finished WIPs, so I let my husband pick a number from 1 to 3 while I was writing this. He said ‘two’, which made Youna last months winner. Congratulations! I looove your Christmoose! You’re winning a goodie bag with crochet or quilt goodies. I’ll send you an email to get your details.


My WIP this month is the same as last month, the Tree Tree House quilt. I just joined all the blocks together and I want to quilt it and add a binding to it. So completely finishing is my goal. Let’s do this!

Post your WIP for January

Inlinkz Link Party

Some things to keep in mind when participating:

  • Post a picture of the WIP you want to finish this month. Enter again at the end of the month to have a change to win this months price.
  • Upload your own pictures only, don’t enter with a WIP that’s not yours
  • Please do check out some of the other WIPs and let’s encourage each other!
  • By entering a picture you give Sugaridoo permission to feature your project on the Sugaridoo social media channels

Woww! It’s the end of 2018. What a wonderful year it has been! In my latest video (this one) I did a short review of 2018. There were so many things to be proud of, and many things to learn from. I can’t wait to see what the new year has in store for me.

As you could see in that video as well, I’m still working on my Tree Tree House quilt, so I didn’t finish it completely. BUT I’m still super happy that I listed it for my TTW of november/december since I’ve made such progress on it!

Thank you all so much for joining me in the first two editions of Tackle That WIP. In the new year we’ll continue with TTW each month. I’m contacting designers and brands to sponsor the give always at the end of each month. So make sure to join in in the first week of the month to not miss a new TTW. (I’ll also announce them on Instagram.)

How did you so on the November/December challenge? I saw lovely projects on the Instagram. Looking forward to see who accomplished their goals! This is how far I got on my Tree Tree House quilt. Next I need to sew all the blocks together and quilt it.

Some things to keep in mind when participating:

  • Post a picture of the WIP you want to finish this month. Enter again at the end of the month to have a change to win this months price.
  • Upload your own pictures only, don’t enter with a WIP that’s not yours
  • Please do check out some of the other WIPs and let’s encourage each other!
  • By entering a picture you give Sugaridoo permission to feature your project on the Sugaridoo social media channels
  • Please don’t link to Etsy stores, giveaways or other linky parties.

There we go for November + December:

Inlinkz Link Party

This months price

The price for this month is a surprise box with crochet or quilt goodies. I’ll contact the winner by email so then you can let me know your preference :)

Have a lovely lovely new year!
xo Irene

39! Wow! That is how many of you joined with a WIP on the first edition of Tackle that WIP. Can’t believe so many of you set a goal for yourself and started finishing project. Some projects were started recently, but also some projects have been laying around for years. It is just so inspiring to see your progress on our #tacklethatwip hastag on Instagram.

Only a few more days left in October. How did you do? Did you finish your WIP? Or did you reach your goal for the project you chose?

I am going to use the weekend to finish my WIP. I’m still working on the details on the Sugaridoo Sampler. I already did the birds, sewing machines, snails and penguins. But I still need to finish the bunny, doggy, kitten, toucan and fishes.

And I decided that I wanted to finish Charlie the Cat in grey and orange. Yesterday I nearly finished all the parts during a lovely crochet get together #hakenindekas. So now I ‘only’ have to sew all the parts together. Should be manageable in one weekend I think :)

Now for your progress! Did you finish or reach your goal? If so, pop an picture of your project in the tool below and maybe you will win this months price of your choice!

Thank you so much for joining me this month in our very first TTW. Want to join again? Just make sure to check out the blog on the first of november to see who won and to enter a project for November.

xo Irene