Aaaand the time is up! It’s already the end of January, the first month of the new year is over. How was it? Did you start a new good habit? Or did you break your new years resolutions on the second day?

I think you did an awesome job on finishing your WIP’s. Thank you SO MUCH for sharing and tagging the progress on your projects. Such great fun to tackle our WIP’s together. I’m already thinking on my next WIP, since this quilt took a little longer for me to finish than I anticipated! Probably pick a crochet project next to finish while I’m under my finished quilt ;)

Almost there!

The Tree Tree House is soo close to being finished. I’m stitching line after line forming all these pretty triangles. A few more stitches and then I can add the binding, the final piece of a quilt. But I must say that it’s very tempting to just take is home and use it as it is. A binding is not strictly necessary to make the quilt cuddly. ;) The last mile is the longest they say right?

This beautiful backing fabric is by Tula Pink. It’s 100% cotton, but it feels so soft! My very favorite fabric to use on the back of a quilt.

Link up your WIP

You can link up your finished projects below. Any questions about the Tackle That WIP? Just send me an email via [email protected]

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Inlinkz Link Party

Whoops, I closed the linky tool early. Here’s another one :)
Inlinkz Link Party

I’ll leave the tool open until Sunday so you will have enough time to enter for the give away of the Crochet in the city book. I’ll announce in this blog post who wins this month’s price.

Hope to see you with a new WIP again next week in a new Tackle That WIP! (The blog post for sign up will be up on the 1st of February.)


Yayy! A whole new year ahead of us! A new year to finish our WIPs and to find inspiration for new projects. For the inspiration part I recorded a video for you. It’s about all the things I get inspiration from for new ideas.

For all the WIPs we want to finish we have our ‘Tackle That WIP’ movement! Last year we started and this year we’ll continue with it. I have awesome prizes in store for you. And this month I get to give away the Crochet in the City Book by Annemarie Benthem, sponsored by Freubelweb. Whoop whoop! That book is so beautiful, aand it’s written in English and Dutch. Soo link up your WIP below and set a goal.

I’ll remind you by the end of the month to link up your results ;)

We have a winner!

Last month we had three finished WIPs, so I let my husband pick a number from 1 to 3 while I was writing this. He said ‘two’, which made Youna last months winner. Congratulations! I looove your Christmoose! You’re winning a goodie bag with crochet or quilt goodies. I’ll send you an email to get your details.


My WIP this month is the same as last month, the Tree Tree House quilt. I just joined all the blocks together and I want to quilt it and add a binding to it. So completely finishing is my goal. Let’s do this!

Post your WIP for January

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