As a newbie entrepreneur it is sometimes be a bit scary not knowing what the business will look like in a year, or even in a few months. Building up Sugaridoo is something I’ve never done before. Diving in full time, just giving it my very best shot is a super exciting rollercoaster. What makes it even more exciting is the people I get to meet along the way. One of those people is Brigitte Heitland, fabric and quilt designer for Moda with her brand Zen Chic.

Brigitte Heitland and Irene Staal2

Meeting Brigitte Heitland :)

Last week Brigitte gave a show and tell about her new fabric lines and quilt patterns at Rhinetex. Seeing all those pretty new fabrics and hearing about how she came up with these designs was super interesting. After the show and tell I got to chat with Brigitte for a bit. What a fun and inspirational woman she is!

Brigitte shared the story about her fabric designing journey with me. It all started when she discovered a Kaffe Fasset quilt book. That book made her want to learn to make her own quilts and so she got hooked to patchwork. Because of the many quilt fabrics she needed for her quilts, she starting buying fabrics by the bold and selling what she had left on the internet. Who wouldn’t want to have their own private quilt shop.

Brigitte Heitland

Quilt made with the Hey Dot fabric line. Such fun colors and happy prints, love it!

With a background of interior and fabric design and all her quilting experience Brigitte designed her first fabric line in 2010. What she did after she created her own fabric line really wowed me. She ‘just’ got herself a booth at the quilt market in Salt Lake City in 2011. How is that for diving in? Her booth made such a great impression that she got multiple offers of quilt fabric manufacturers to work with her. That is when she picked Moda to design for.

Modern Backgrounds Zen Chic // Quilt with the new luster fabric line Modern Background Zen Chic // such pretty luster fabrics

This chique quilt is made with the Modern Backgrounds Luster fabric line. The gold print on the fabrics gives them such a luxurious look.

What a great story. The courage and drive to take such steps really inspires me. So brave to put yourself out there with you own designs, waiting to see what the fabric manufacturers will think of it. Thank you Brigitte for sharing that with me! All the best with your new fabric lines. I’ll see you at quilt market somewhere in the upcoming years! ;)


Hello friends!

Yayy another WIP Wednesday! Looking forward to share where I’m at with all the projects lying around. It can be chaotic to keep track of all things I’m working on at the same time (why is it so much fun to start something new instead of finishing everything first?) so I love to share my work in progress with you.

Okay, here we go:



Sugaridoodles: Let’s start with the only crochet relating thing I worked on: the Sugaridoodles. I finished Walter the Whale together with his pattern and the mini crochet kit. Super exciting to have one of them completely finished. Other Sugaridoodles that are crocheted are the bunny, penguin, panda, kitten, duck and the chicken. They ‘only’ have to be turned into a pattern and a mini crochet kit. Next up for a pattern are the penguin and bunny. Hope to finish those beginning of next week.


On all of the other crochet projects Droopy, Josh the safety officer, Bunny Bo and Danny the Dragonfly, I made no progress at all.


Cross Product: Already 24 cross product blocks are assembled. I’m not sure how big the quilt is going to be. The blocks are 8×8″ (20x20cm) so for a 1.20 x 1.60 quilt I would need to add 24 more blocks. We’ll see how it will turn out. I really like the pink/grey/black combo.


Sugaridoo Sampler: New blocks for the Sugaridoo sampler are finished! Super happy to make progress on this one. Since all blocks are unfinished, they look a bit wonky. That will be resolved after putting a sashing around them ;)

I counted all the blocks that I’m planning to make, to get an overview of my progress. Turns out I finished only 8/57 blocks so far, oops. I have made more blocks to test designs, but they where not made with the correct fabrics that I chose in the end. So I have a looong way to go before this one is finished. Maybe I’ll just plan a quilting weekend to make some big steps.



Cross stitch

To The Zoo:  I also managed to squeeze in some cross stitching. I finished the design of To the Zoo so I could finally start stitching. So happy with that! Almost forgot how relaxing cross stitching is.


What are you working on? Leave a comment or link below, I would love to see what you’re making.


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Hi there!

Picking the right colors of yarn for your crochet project can be challenging. Choosing the perfect color combination can really give your work that bit of extra pop. But which colors match and which aren’t so great together?

How do you pick colors when you’re about to paint your house? With color swatches! Super easy to use, pick a few, hold them next to each other and you’ll quickly see if the combination is a winner. So why not use color swatches for crochet yarn :) They are super easy to make. Let me show you how.

What do we need

  • Yarn
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Thread bobbins
  • Optional: double sided tape

color Swatches materials

Let’s get started. Take a thread bobbin and put a small piece of double sided tape on the back. You can skip this step if you want. I like to secure the thread to the bobbin this way, but it also works without the tape.


Now stick the end of the thread to the double sided tape and start winding you thread around the bobbin.


Wind and wind and wind and wind..


Secure the end in the notch of the bobbin and cut off the thread.


Now write down the brand and color number of the yarn on the bobbin. I use one letter to remember the brand (in this case P for Phidar coton 3) and then the number for the color.

And that’s it! Just repeat this for all the yarn lying around in your house and you’re all set to mix and match yarn colors.

When you make it a habit to make color swatches every time you buy new yarn, you won’t have the problem of not knowing the brand or color number anymore (happend to me too often haha..).

color Swatches2

Easy peasy right? Let me know what you think of yarn color swatches!


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Yayy they are almost ready. The very first Sugaridoodle kits are in production and will be finished end of next week! Walter the whale is the first pattern that was turned into a mini DIY crochet kit. You can download the pattern for Walter in this blog post.



With this giveaway you can win one of the first two crochet kits for the Sugaridoodles. How cool is that? I will be givving away two kits for Walter the whale. They will be shipped as soon as they are ready next week.

What do you need to do?

Good question :) It’s very simple actually. Just leave a fun comment down below and maybe next week you will win a crochet kit! I would love for you to follow Sugaridoo on Instagram of Facebook, or via email:

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For each channel you follow Sugaridoo you may place an extra comment and increase your changes of winning.

>> Max 4 comments per person

>> The giveaway will end next monday 15th of August at 22.00 (Dutch time)

We’ve got a winner!

Well actually we’ve got two :) I numbered all comments (Dutch and English) and then picked two numbers. En those are …. drum roll ….


Stephanie Linske and AS de Jong

Congratulations to both of you! I will contact you via email and send the Whale Walters kits your way as soon as they get delivered at the Sugaridoo headquarters.

Thank you to everyone who participated. Thanks for leaving all your lovely comments, loved everyone of them.


The Sugaridoodles are taking over the Sugaridoo headquarters. They are everywhere!
Not that I can blame them, I’m getting a bit addicted to crocheting them to be honest. The are so fun to make. Quick little cute projects that make you stay up way to late and postpone de dished three days. (Yesterday: Let me make one more, I really have to add purple whale to the collection.)
Well, I guess you get the idea :) If you follow me on Instagram you might have seen some of the Sugaridoodles already.
This week I started writing out the crochet patterns. Super exiting, because shortly everyone can start their own Sugaridoodle collection. Walter the Whale was the first one to be turned in to a pattern. And I would like to share it with you guys as a preview for all the patterns to come. Just grab your download below and let me know what you think.

[convertkit form=4898105]

The pattern uses the following abbreviations:
sc.    –    single crochet
inc.  –    increase (2sc in the next sc)
dec.  –   decrease (crochet the next 2sc together)
BLO –   crochet in the back loops only

What do you think? Isn’t he a cutie? I just want to make him in all colors of the rainbow.

I also received these perfect little boxes in the mail this week. The crew already checked it out and approved ;) These boxes will be turned in to mini crochet kits. Yay!
So, I’m off to make some more Sugaridoodles. Oh and before I forget, there is a little giveaway running on the blog!

Last Sunday I attended a local home made market in The Hague. I had some cross stitch art on display in hoop and got asked many times how I framed them. So let me share my technique for framing a cross stitch with you. I love how simple this is and the perfectly finished look it creates.


What do we need

– a finished cross stitch
– matching hoop
– white thread and needle
– piece of wool felt
– fabric glue
– pinking sheers or normal scissors

Before we start, use the inner ring of your hoop to trace a circle on the piece of felt. We will use this later on.

Let’s get started

First we prep our cross stitch for framing. I sometimes skip this step with small projects, but for larger ones I do recommend following this.

To prepare for framing you first wash you fabric. A gentle hand wash will do just fine. After washing, let it dry flat. When it is almost dry, you give it a nice press (on the back of your work) and then it’s ready to frame.

After washing, drying and pressing you center your work in a matching hoop. Make sure the outer ring sits nice and tight.


Now cut the exces fabric around the hoop. Leaving about 2.5 cm (1”) of fabric around the hoop.


Take a white thread and and needle and sew the acces fabric together. Sew crisscross from side to side to get all edges inward.


Cut the felt circle you traced before we started. You can use pinking sheers for a nice finish, but normal scissors also work fine.


Finally, put some fabric glue on the back of your work along the inner ring of the hoop. Put your pieces of felt on there and gently press it to secure it in place.


And your done! Looks pretty doesn’t it? I hope this helped you framing your cross stitch art.

Have a lovely day!