Last weekend I was looking for a quick gift to make for a one year old boy. I wanted to give something personal, but didn’t had time to make it from scratch. So applique it would be :) I found a lovely zip hoodie at the HEMA. Perfect to add some applique letters. All you need for this is a fun fabric and some vliesofix. I believe it’s called bondaweb in English?

Print out a letter of choice. I used two sizes, one smaller one for the front and a larger one for the back. Then you can trace it on to the vlisofix/bondaweb. Just make sure to trace the mirrored version of the letter!


After tracing you can cut roughly around the letters and press them on to the wrong side of the fabric. Try not to put your iron on the sticky side of the vlisofix, that will get messy ;) _Applique3

Now you can cut the letters over the lines you drew on the vliesofix. Then take of the paper layer of the vliesofix and place the letter wherever you would like to secure it. Give it a good press and you’re ready for stitching. I used a blanket stitch around the letters.
_AppliqueEasy peasy, a fast sewing project and a lovely gift :)


Hallo daar! Vandaag was ik met een vriendin naar de Kreadoe, en Mike the Monkey was ook mee. Hij vond het fantastisch! Mike brengt een fotoverslag van vandaag :)

Wauw! Wat is Kreadoe gigantisch! Zo veel verschillende hobby’s, en zo ontzettend veel kramen ook. Echt genieten. Het is niet alleen een handwerkbeurs, je vindt er echt álle creatieve uitspattingen die je maar kunt bedenken. Deze kraam van Creatotaal had zulke mooie kleurtjes kralen, blauw staat me wel volgens mij!


Bij Kraaltotaal kwamen we deze Hollandse kralen tegen, maar welke moeten we nou kiezen? Kunnen we ze niet gewoon allemaal meenemen?


Bij MooiVilt mocht ik even tussen alle gekleurde (fairtrade) balletjes duiken. Een ballenbad vol met wolvilt balletjes, wie wil dat nou niet?


Zo’n beurs is best vermoeiend, halverwege dus maar even een tukje doen op de mooise stofjes van Modystoffen. Zzzzzz…


Whoaaa kijk nou!! Een mega grote rooide kater! Die staat hier voor de lepra stichting. Je kunt hem zelf haken met dit patroon, en dan steun je gelijk de stichting


Op de Kreadoe kom je ook heel veel andere amigurumis tegen. Zelf bekende exemplaren! Dit is Dendennis in zijn clownskostuum.


Op het haakplein kom je niet alleen bekende amigurumis tegen, maar ook ontwerpers, haaksters en bloggers! Dit is Lisanne van Draad&Praat. Samen met de kikker prins op de foto. Zo leuk om kikker en Lisanne te ontmoeten!


Vlak voor we naar huis gingen kwamen we deze mooie borduurstofjes tegen van Online borduurplezier. Daar moest er zeker eentje van mee naar huis.

Wat een super dag was het vandaag! Op naar de volgende crea beurs :D

Xx Mike

Hello there! So nice to have you here on Sugaridoo. Want to learn to stitch on plastic canvas? Read on! We’ll be doing a tutorial on how to make these cool robot key chains.


All aspects of cross stitching on plastic canvas will be covered. There are so many options for using this technique. Please share in the comments what you are making, I’d love to know!


What do we need

  • Plastic canvas, 7 count
  • Yarn (i use fingering weight cotton)
  • Wool needle (with a blunt tip)
  • Scissors
  • Key chain or clip with a little ring

All materials are available as a kit in the Sugaridoo Etsy shop: Robot DIY kit.

This is the pattern for the awesome little robots:


Let’s get started
We begin by attaching our first thread. Don’t tie a knot. Just thread your needle and hold the end of the thread at the back side of the canvas.


We will work with cross stitches and back stitches in this pattern. Cross stitches are made like this:


Want to know how more about making cross stitches? Check this beginners Cross Stitch Tutorial.

Make your first row of half cross stitches, make sure you stitch around the thread end at the back. Here you see the front.


And this is the thread end at the back, all tangled up in the stitches.


After you secured the thread end at the back you can continue making cross stitches.


When you come to the end of your thread, bring it to the back of your work. Wiggle the needle through a row of stitches and pull it through. When it’s secured, just cut the tail of the tread sort.


Starting with a second thread is already easier than the first one. Just wiggle your needle through some stitches at the back and you are ready to go.


Just continue making your cross stitches ate the right locations following the pattern. When you did all the stitches you will get something like this:


After all cross stitches are done you can make the back stitches. Don’t pull them too hard, just tight enough will do. They give a nice detail to your work don’t you think?


You can learn more on how to make back stitches in This Tutorial.


So now both sides of the key chain are finished. We only need to sew them together. Attach a thread to the back of one of the robots and pull it to the front in a square on the side. Place the robots back to back and start looping around the side. I did three stitches per square as you can see below. This fills up the sides really nicely.


Continue until you reach the end of your thread. Wiggle the needle in between the two robots, trying to catch some stitches at the back. Then pull through and cut off the thread. Same for attaching the next thread, wiggle it in between the robots. Try to get your needle through a few stitches at the back so the thread will stay in place.

In the corners you can loop about 5 or 6 times. Leave one top corner open to be able to attach the little ring there.


Here you see the open top right corner and the key chain supplies. Open the little ring, pull it through the top corner and attach the key clip and charm.


And that’s it. You’re done, good job! There are endless possibilities with this material, I love to see what you are making. Just leave a comment to let me know what you are working on.




Part two of Fridays Favorite Five is all about Etsy shops. There is so much prettiness going on over there on Etsy! Just a bunch of creative people designing and making happy stuff. What more could you ask for? So as a crafty start of the weekend, here are five of my favorite Etsy shops.

One of the first shops I noticed when I first browse Etsy a long long time ago was Knitting Dreams by Aintzi. Those bears … they are so cute and tiny and have you seen their little scarfs? She makes amigurumi miniature bears, but also bunnies and pandas.  Some of them have a cool hat, or a dress. They all have their own name (This little fellow is Ilu) and will be specially made to order for you.


Just recently I discovered Mim’s Instagram account with unbelievable cute sock dolls. (Her Instagram is really a happy place, you should check it out!) You can find the sock dolls in her Etsy shop Sew in the moment, and she has a blog too. Every figure she makes had an own personality and story. This is what she tells about Bob: “Bob is a good Aussie Bloke. He loves living in the suburbs and he is an Electrician by trade. He volunteers with the SES (State Emergency Service) and he really loves operating the chainsaw for them.” Don’t you just want to adopt him?


Have you ever seen a cuter purse than this one? Michelle and her husband Sanford from Misala handmade make the most pretty and adorable purses ever. I love the polka dot fabrics and happy colors that are used in all the designs. My favorites are the little piggies and the whales. They are so perfectly made, where better to keep your coins than in such a cutie?


Another multi talented designer I found on Instagram is Anke from Anke Panke. On DailyAnke on Instagram she shares one comic/illustration about herself everyday, just awesome. She’s an Illustrator and graphic designer, I really like what she makes! In her Etsy shop you’ll find books, planners, stickers, cards and cats. She also designs fonts, which you can find in her shop called Fun Font Shop. The book “Random things to draw” helps you to learn to draw random things like a balloon, a light house and a sock monkey.


Timor from TIMOHandmade is a very talented doll maker. She has a large collection of  handmade dolls, patchwork bags, doll house dolls and x-mas decor items. I especially love the mouse, rabbit and bird dolls. They are so awesome with their long arms and huge feet. This little chick doll is part of the Ducks & Birds dolls series that includes rare birds, chicks, ducks and penguins. Don’t you love his little paper hat? Go check out the other animals in this lovely shop and on her website!

Have a wonderful creative weekend!

How better to decorate a cupcake than with a cupcake? :) Today I’ll show you how to make this happy cupcake!


For one cupcake you will need:

  • 4 gr. blue fondant
  • 5 gr. white fondant
  • 1 gr. red fondant
  • a tiny piece of brown fondant
  • fondant to cover your cupcake.

Cover cupcake with fondant

Cut out a 7cm circle to fit nicely on the top of a cupcake.

Cupcake liners

1) Take 4 gr. of blue fondant and roll it out until it is large enough to cut out a rectangle of 3 x 4 cm.

2) Cut out the rectangle and adjust the sides to make the top a little wider than the bottom.


3) Use a 7cm circle cutter to round off the bottom.


4) Glue the cupcake liner to the background with a tiny bit of water and make some lines/texture on it with a modeling tool



1) roll the 5gr. of white fondant to a string of 19cm long.

2) cut it in 4 pieces of 5cm, 4cm, 3cm and 3cm long.

3) Create a pointy end to the 2cm piece by rolling it between your fingers. Bent the point upwards.

4) Glue the topping above the cupcake liner like in the picture below.



1) Take 1 gr. of red fondant and roll it into a little ball.

2) Make a small hole in the cherry.

3) Take the tiny piece of braun fondant and mold it into a stem.


4) Glue the cherry on top of the cupcake and your done!


That was fun wasn’t it? Enjoy your cupcake, with a cupcake!


Hi there!

Today a new series will start here at Sugaridoo: ‘Fridays Favorite Five’. Every other Friday I’ll give you five of my favorite things like five favorite cupcakes, five pretty quilts, sewing patterns, lovely wedding cakes, fabric shops, sewing supplies, awesome amigurimi’s and many more favorite fives. I’m looking forward to sharing these with you!

I would like to start this series with something sweet. Long time ago this blog was set up to share my baking creations with my friends and family. So I thought it would be fun to start this series with some cookies. These are my five favorite cookies designers.


Sweetopia inspired me to start with cookie decoration, I just love what she makes! Such amazingly cute cookies. You can find a lot of tutorials and tips on her website


Sweetsugarbelle is just the best in using cookie cutters in a creative way to make cookies. Look at these robot cookies. Not one of these cookies was made with a robot cookie cutter. (Just follow the link to see what cutters where used!) Pretty awesome right?


These cookies are just so very adorable, I didn’t know I loved cacti so much. But hey, how cute are these? They are made by De Koekenbakkers, super talented cookie decorators from Holland. They make their own cookie cutters, you can find them at the 3DCookieCutterShop. You can also order cookie cards from their websites, such a creative idea. How lovely would it be to receive cookies as a postcard for you birthday!


These 3D pumpkins where made by Glorious treats . As the name suggests, she make just the most glorious treats. Cupcakes, cookies and cakes, all of them totally pretty. These 3D cookies are so clever, with a little treat inside of them. Take a look at the tutorial to see how they were made.


Julia Usher takes cookie decoration to a whole different level. I am amazed by her talent, baking 3D cookies, how awesome! She builds 3D cookies that are just stunning. In the image above you see a close up view of her mosaic box with appliquéd details. You can find tutorials and more inspirational projects on her blog and youtube channel.


I hope you enjoyed all these stunning and cute cookies. Have a lovely weekend!


A few months ago I joint the fun of a Instagram quilt swap for the second time. The theme of this swap was rainbow mini quilts. And rainbows just so happen to be my favorite. My slowly growing fabric stash mostly exists of happy rainbow colors, so I knew this was a swap for me. Kate Basti hosted the swap, everything was so perfectly organized! (If you happen to read this Kate, again thank you so much!)

I would love to show you the progress of the quilt I made for Becky and the super awesome quilt I received from Tina. All in Instagram photos of course, since it was a Insta swap.

Lets start with my  choice of fabric, this is actually the second pull. I had a hard time making my final decision before I started cutting. But it turned out to be a nice pull don’t you think?

Rainbow of fabrics

And then the design of the mini quilt. I had these paper pieced pencils in my mind for a while now. Since Becky is a teacher I thought it would be perfect to draw out a pattern for the pencils for this mini quilt.

Pencil pattern

Then cutting started, that went very organized. I ended up with 16 colorful packages of fabric with their patterns, ready to sew.

Cutting frabic

And sewing I did :) It worked like a breeze cause everything was already cut. So I just had to sit behind the machine and piece everything together.First pencils

Started sewing

After having pieced everything together and sandwiched the quilt it was time to do some quilting. I went for straight line quilting on this one, with help of the Minions in the background.


A little close up of the quilting.

Quilted detail

After piecing a scrappy grey binding and sewing it on by hand it was finished! I’m still super excited with how it turned out to be. Planning to make another one just for myself because it was quite hard to part with it ;)

Finished Pencil quilt

After I send my package, I received a big envelope. Yay!! There was my own mini rainbow quilt.

Received Quilt

And this was what was inside, a gorgeous quilt with so much extras! A lovely card from Tina, with super cute fabrics, a ruler and mini ribbon. I love the mini chalkboards. The quilting was so beautifully done and the piecing was just perfect. Really love the fabrics she used with the happy rainbow colors. It is so special when someone designs and  makes something specially for you. Thank you so so much Tina!


I had a blast with this swap. It was super fun to follow everybody and to see what is being made. I haven’t signed up for a next swap yet, but I’m sure this wasn’t my last.


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