Last week I visited the ‘Stoffenspektakel’ in Rijswijk (Holland). A big fair with a lot of all kinds of fabrics. We where mostly looking for fabrics because I recently fell in love with quilting!

The idea to make a quilt came about mainly because I have received a ‘new’ sewing machine. I did have a very cheap sewing machine somewhere, but it’s just not working properly. Now I got a beauty of a machine from my parents neighbor and I love it!


It’s a very old (and heavy) machine, but it works perfectly! It is a Lewenstein Astra-matic super. And look what a beautifull red cover it came with! So that’s the reason behind my fabric hunt, and I think I did a good job ;)


For a sweet pink baby quilt.


For a blue quilt, would be lovely as a present for a baby boy.


And some happy colors to sew stuffed animals!


Just looking at the fabrics makes me very happy :) doesn’t it make you happy? So that’s the start of my fabric collection.

Have a lovely weekend!

Love Irene

Looking for easy peasy cute Easter cupcakes? Here you’ll find a howto of birds nest cupcakes with chocolate eggs. These will fit perfectly on your Ester table and did I say that they are easy to make? ;)


Howto for birds nest cupcakes

What do you need? Cupcakes, chocolate butter cream, green colored butter cream and a bag of the Easter version of m&m’s in pretty pastel colors.


Fill some piping bags with the butter cream. Use a #233 tip for the chocolate buttercream.


Cover the cupcakes with a layer of green butter cream.


Now take your chocolate butter cream and pipe the birds nest. Do this by piping circles on the cupcake until the nest is big enough.


Now pace the ‘eggs’ in the nest to finish the cupcakes.


And that was it! Easy right? A quick cupcake to present to your guest for Easter.


Happy Easter!

Love Irene

Cakepops, those cute cakeballs on a stick. I really like them, and they are so easy to make! These cakepops are decorated with colored sugar, click hier to learn how to make that.



  • 500 gr. cake
  • 150 gr. buttercream
  • about 300 gr. white candymelts or white chocolat
  • colored sugar
  • popsicle sticks

Cake pops basis

Maal de biscuit fijn met keukenmachine. Doe de kruimels in een kom, je kunt het gaan mengen met je handen of met een goede mixer.


Laat de mixer draaien en voeg lepel voor leper botercrème toe tot de biscuitkruimels met de botercrème een deeg vormen. Je hoeft waarschijnlijk niet de hele 150 gram toe te voegen. Kneed het dan nog even door met je handen tot een mooie bal.


Maak nu kleine balletjes van het deeg, ik heb hier balletjes van ongeveer 30 gram gemaakt. Uit dit deeg haalde ik 21 cakepops.


Smelt de candymelts, doop elk lollystokje een stukje in de candymelts en daarna in een balletje. Zet de balletjes nu in de diepvries.


Zorg ondertussen dat je candymelts mooi gesmolten blijven door een chocolade fondue set te gebruiken, of je bekertje met candymelts in een laagje heet water te zetten. (Zorg dan wel dat er geen water in de candymelts komt!)

Cakepops decoreren

Haal de balletjes uit de diepvries wanneer ze koud zijn geworden. Doop elke cakepop in de candymelts zodat er een mooi laagje om het cakeballetje komt.


Strooi de suiker over de cakepops voor de candymelts hard zijn geworden. Van deze cakepops heb ik een ‘op de kop’ versie gemaakt, wanneer je ze op de normale manier (als een lolly) maakt kun je de stokjes in een stuk piepschuim steken om ze te laten drogen.


Er zijn oneindig veel mogelijkheden met cakepops, op internet zijn veel leuke ontwerpen te vinden zoals bij NinerBakes en Bakerella.

Have fun met je cakepops!
Liefs, Irene

This lovely bunny is just perfect for your Easter cake! Here you’ll find the tutorial on how to make him.



  • Roling pin
  • Edible glue
  • Ball tool
  • Quilting tool
  • Flower/Leaf tool
  • Serrated & Taper Cones tool
  • Scallop & comb tool
  • Pallet knife
  • 2 thoothpicks
  • Tylose
Fondant for the bunny
  • Orange (60 gr)
  • White (45 gr)
  • Green (2 gr)
  • Pink(1 gr)
  • Little pieces white/black/brown/blue for the eyes
Fondant for the litthe carrots (makes 10)
  • Orange (7 gr)
  • Green (1 gr)


Take 50 gram orange fondant, mix it with tylose. Roll a ball and roll this into a carrot shape. Fold the point of the carrot and use the Flower/Leaf tool to make carrot details. Probably the carrot won’t stay in it’s position, place for example a cup behind it to support it.


Use a serrated & taper cones tool to make the holes for the arms and legs and one for the head. As a detail you can use the quilting tool to make a line of stitches alongside the carrot.



Take 4 gram white fondant for each foot. Roll a sausage and make one edge a little thinner and flatten this out. Cut 3 toes with a pallet knife. Mold this with your fingers to make the edges smooth. Use the ball tool to make dents for the toes and the heel. Make two feet like this.


Take 0.5 gram pink fondant, this is for both feet. Part this in two, part both halves in two. Part for each foot one part in three. You now have 2 bigger pieces for the heels and 6 smaller pieces for the toes.


Roll little balls of the pink pieces and glue them in the dents in the feet. Also make a dent in the back of the each foot where you can glue the leg onto the foot.

Take 1 gram white fondant for each leg. Roll a sausage of 3cm, bend this and glue it onto the body and the foot. Repeat for the second leg.



Take 2 gram white fondant for each arm. Roll this into a suasage of 2cm. Roll one half of the sausage thinner so you create a hand. In total you roll the hand+arm to 4cm length.
Use the flower/leaf tool to make the fingers in the hands. Glue the arms onto the body, I let one hand rest on the foot (you can put a mini carrot in this hand) and the other hand onto the belly.



Take 1.5 gram white fondant for the neck, mix tylose into this fondant. Make a short sausage out of it and glue this onto the body.

Take 20 gram white fondant for the head and mix tylose in to it. Roll the fondant in an egg shape, flatten out the top of the head so you create a surface where the eyes will come. In the picture below you’ll find a front and side view. Make dents with the ball tool where the eyes need to be. Glue the head on to the neck.



Take a small amount of white fondant and part this in two pieces. Roll small balls and place them in on the eyes of the bunny. Make dents with the ball tool for the iris.

Take a small piece of blue or brown fondant for the iris, part this in two. Roll balls and place them on the eyes. Make with the ball tool small dents for the pupils.

Take a tiny piece of black and part this in two. Roll balls and place them on to the iris.

Take a even smaller tiny piece of white and part this in two. Roll tiny balls and place them as a light sparkle on the iris/pupil. Place them for both eyes on the same side.


If you like, you can make eyelashes out of brown or white fondant. Roll the fondant into a tiny sausage, cut small hairs and paste them above the eyes.

The 0.5 gram fondant for the snout. Flatten this in the shape of the snout(oval shape with flat top). Take the scallop & comd tool to create the details on the snout. Cut out a triangle for the nose and paste snout on the head.

Take a tiny piece of pink and shape it in a triangle shape. Paste it on the the snout.



Take 2.5 gram white fondant for each ear. Roll a sausage of 3cm. Roll both ends a bit pointier and flatten out the ear. Use the ball tool to make the inside of the ear a bit hollow. Make two of these ears.

Take half of the left over pink fondant (a little less then 0.5 gram). Part this in two and roll two sausages. Place one sausage in each ear and flatten this out. Glue the ears to the head.


Carrot Head

Take 2 gram green fondant and mix in some tylose. Roll a sausage of about 2.5cm. Cut one half of the sausage in strips.


Take 10 gram orange fondant. Roll a ball and flatten this out to a circle with a diameter of 3cm. Make in one side a dent in the oval shape of the head. Make on the other side a dent in the shape of the leaves.


Paste the carrot head and the leafs on to the head of the bunny.



The only thing left to do is the tail. Roll a small ball of 4 gram white fondant and paste is on to the bunny.


And then you’re done! This is how you make this cutie for your Easter cake.

When you place the bunny on your cake. You can use two toothpicks to keep the bunny in place.

Mini carrots (makes 10)

The mini carrots are just cute, and really easy to make!

Take 7 gram orange fondant and roll a sausage of 10cm. Cut this in 10 pieces, this way you get 10 evenly sized pieces. Roll every piece in a little ball and then in a carrot shape. Make with the flower/leaf tool carrot details and a hole in the top.


Roll out 1 gram of green fondant and cut it in small strips. Cut the strips in even smaller strips annd place two or three stripes in each carrot.



That’s all! Have a happy easter everybody!
Love, Irene

A bow can give a present just that extra special look don’t you think? It works the same for cupcakes. You’ll just make your own little party by placing a bow on top of your cupcakes :)

What wil you need?

  • Cupcakes
  • Fondant in three different colors
  • Rolling pin
  • Small knife
  • Tylose powder
  • Circle cutter as big as your cupcakes
  • Edible glue, or water
  • Pencil to apply glue

Lets get started

Roll out two different colors of fondant and cut a circle out of both. Cut these circles in quarters and combine the colors to two alternating circles. You can glue them together or just place them directly on your cupcakes.


Now continue with you third color of fondant. Knead in a bit of tylose powder, this will let the bow harden faster. Roll out the fondant and cut strips of approximately 1 by 5 cm.  You can always shorten them later on, so it’s better to make them too long than too short. For each bow you’ll need 10 strips.

Strikcupcakes (6)_blog

Apply some glue to the ends of the strips and fold them together, keep the loop round. Let them dry on their sides so they will keep their shape. It can take a while before the will harden, you can make these loops a day in advance if you like.

Strikcupcakes (7)_blog

When they are ready, cut the end of the loops as was don in the picture below.  Glue five of these on a cupcake.

Strikcupcakes (5)_blog

The second layer of loops will consist out of four loops. Place these on top of the first layer of loops with a little bit of glue.

Strikcupcakes (2)_blog

Then we’ll have one loop left. Cut of the end of this loop and place it in between the top layer of four loops.

Strikcupcakes (9)_blog


And there you have your bow!

Lussen strik cupcake howto

Now you know how it’s done, doesn’t that look lovely? Have fun making tiny bows for cupcakes or small cakes!

Love, Irene