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Gooood Vibes Only - Little fish Mug Rugs

There is a free pattern+give away at the bottom of this blog post AND a give away in this YouTube video: [click!] Yayyy! It is SUCH an exciting day today. It's my birthday! I'm turning 32. And I'm loving it. I love each day and don't mind…

Help! Thread breaking while quilting

What to do when your thread keeps breaking when you just want to do some relaxing sewing. Don't throw your machine out of the window just yet. This week I posted the first Quilting Questions video on the Sugaridoo Youtube channel. Every…

How to make a personalized quilted banner

Want to make a personalized gift for someone special? Make then a banner with a special text or with their name on it! You can use the letters from the new Sugaridoo ABC pattern to make the letters. They come in two different sizes 2.5…

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